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Welcome Message from the President of the Malaysian Society of Haematology (MSH)

Dear Friends and Colleagues,

It is my great pleasure to welcome you to the19th Annual Scientific Meeting 2022 organized by the Malaysian Society of Haematology. Under the able leadership of Professor Dr S. Fadilah Abdul Wahid and her organizing committee, we have an exciting scientific program installed for everyone.

This year’s theme on Cell Based Therapies is a flourishing field which has experienced exponential growth in both clinical use and research, gaining recognition and offering hope. However, there are still many challenges which limit its use, including accessibility and expertise. Thus, it is apt that we are provided the opportunity to learn and share our experiences and challenges with well-known keynote speakers invited by the organizing committee. The society hopes to provide effective platform for our members and friends for self-improvement and at the same time, have fun and make new friends, albeit virtually.

I would like to once again record my deepest appreciation to Professor S Fadilah Abdul Wahid and her team who have worked tireless to make this meeting successful. Similarly, I like to thank our generous industry sponsors and partners who see the importance of continuous medical education.

Lastly, I hope you will find this meeting stimulating and rewarding.

Professor Dr Gan Gin Gin

President, Malaysian Society of Haematology

Welcome Message from the 19th MSH ASM 2022 Organising Chairperson

On behalf of the MSH 2022 organising committee, it is with great pleasure and honour that I welcome all of you to the 19th Malaysian Society of Haematology Annual Scientific Meeting on both virtual and physical platforms. The conference starts virtually on 9th August 2022 along with hands-on workshop, and continues with the rest of the virtual programme from 10th-11th August 2022. Precautions are still essential and therefore I hope our online sessions will be as beneficial to you as much as possible.

The focus of this year’s exciting and thought-provoking meeting is Cell Based Therapies: The New Frontier In Personalized And Targeted Therapy.

Haematological cancer treatment has evolved immensely from conventional cytotoxic chemotherapy, monoclonal based immunotherapy to cell-based therapies. In parallel, the field of cellular therapy has progressed rapidly with development of novel therapeutic modalities that include a wide spectrum of products. These include, engineered T-cell receptor (TCR), chimeric antigen receptor (CAR)-T cells, dendritic cells (DC), cytotoxic T lymphocytes (CTLs), natural killer (NK) cells, and others that were primarily developed as a curative approach for highly resistant cancers.

Additionally, recent data from both fundamental and translational research encompassing haematopoietic and mesenchymal stem cells has allowed for innovative therapeutic applications to also benefit non-haematological malignancies and degenerative or ageing disorders.

The scientific programme has been designed to cover many aspects of cutting-edge technologies surrounding cell-based therapy ranging from precision diagnostics to measurable residual disease surveillance especially in the era of multi-color flow cytometric immunophenotyping and translational molecular haematology. These exciting and highly educational content will also be covered in the pre-conference workshop to provide hands on exposure and opportunity to our members.

We hope that this conference will increase our understanding of the progress made in the field of cellular immunotherapies and will serve as an inspiration for future research efforts.

Despite the numerous challenges encountered in moving the field of cellular therapy forward, the success achieved thus far is exciting and promising for a paradigm shift in the years to come in particular for the treatment of haematological malignancies. Researchers and clinicians from around the globe need to work together to advance the field of cell-based therapies toward curative approaches for highly resistant cancers.

I wish to take this opportunity to thank the committee members for the excellent effort and I wish all participants a valuable and enjoyable meeting.

Stay safe.

With best wishes,

Professor Dr. S Fadilah Abdul Wahid

Organising Chairperson 19th MSH Annual Scientific Meeting 2022


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